Ambassador Books 1, 1A and 2 Omnibus (2016)

The bundled edition of the first three books in the Ambassador series.

1: Seeing Red - Cory Wilson is about to start his new job as representative to gamra, the alien organisation that controls the network for wormhole travel, when a political murder may well end his position before it started.
1A: The Sahara Conspiracy - Cory is asked to deal with the alien mafia on Earth, and stumbles across a dangerous plot.
2: Raising Hell - the wormhole network goes down, and Cory's friend and leader of the largest populated world Asto is caught off-world. Dangerous politics are afoot on Asto, and Cory decides to help his friend.
Release : Dec 22, 2016
Author : Patty Jansen
Kind : ebook
File Size Bytes : 1852280
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